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Bulletin of Computational Applied Mathematics (Bull CompAMa)

ISSN:  2244-8659 (ONLINE)

The Bulletin of Computational Applied Mathematics is an e-journal dedicated to the rapid dissemination of original research articles of high scientific value in all areas of computational applied mathematics. The research must deal with the use and application of computational and applied mathematics, and scientific computing in all areas of knowledge, usually in the form of mathematical computational models and algorithms.

Contributions including applications to scientific problems in all areas of science and engineering are encouraged. Numerical simulations are not required but the proposed techniques should have a direct applicability and be implementable. All articles are fully refereed and are judged by their originality, utility, and clarity. The Bulletin intends to reach a wide audience consisting of applied mathematicians, engineers, and computational scientists in general.

The Bulletin is under the continuous publishing system and only available via electronic thus no printing material is produced. Therefore, research papers are posted on the internet ("Recent Articles" section) immediately after they are accepted for publication. The articles will be part of a single volume published in December of each year, and will be available in the "Table of Contents" section.

The Bulletin is an Open Access journal, and full-text access to all papers is available for free which will stimulate and empower researchers worldwide and specifically those from underdeveloped countries by their ability to access high level research conducted worldwide.

On a regular basis, the titles of these manuscripts will be posted on public bulletin boards such as NA-digest (V.23-#03-January20-2023, V.22-#07-February21-2022, V.21-#48-December26-2021, V.21-#32-August22-2021, V.20-#15-April19-2020, V.19-#11-March17-2019, V.18-#31-August06-2018, V.18-#03-January21-2018, V.17-#24-September11-2017, V.17-#15-June12-2017).

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